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All-Cast Cable Protector Features

  • Designed to protect the cable or control line across the coupling from potential damage, wear and tear encountered in completion operations and dynamic motion of the production tubing in the well bore.
  • Support 100ft or 30 lbs. minimum of cable and control line without slippage. The proven design is such that it only supports the cable and never physically grips it, which would induce damage.
  • Provide sufficient standoff to protect the cable between couplings and eliminates armour and insulation abrasion.
  • Fully retrievable and have proven to be reusable products. They are simple and inexpensive to refurbish.
  • Inherent strength and durability makes them sufficiently robust to withstand severe handling and well conditions.
  • A one-piece design to simplify unit installation and prevent item loss into the well. The simplification of design has saved many rig hours and dollars during the installation and retrieving of ESP completions.
  • The axial and longitudinal gripping forces together with a unique pre-engaged hexagonal head fastening device ensures that the protector will always remain on the tubing.
  • Rapid fastening system assists operations and minimises potential rig floor injuries.