JHK are specialists in the design and manufacture of all-cast cross coupling cable protectors for the Global Energy Industry. JHK products are proven technology for the Well Completions and Artificial Lift markets.


JHK all-cast cross coupling cable protectors are extensively used to protect ESP cables, encapsulated, bare control and chemical injection lines. All-cast designs complete with all-cast collars are the preferred product in the market niche. JHK products are manufactured using investment casting to guarantee strength, homogeneity, fine tolerances, surface finish and overall quality. Chamfered, specialised designs can be achieved with investment casting to overcome tight drift situations. Stringent QA/QC procedures are in place including load testing, slippage testing, radiography and MPI testing. JHK was the first company of its kind to manufacture, assemble and test in China. Dedicated engineers are fully trained and have over 15 years experience and product knowledge to assist in providing solutions to ever increasing challenges. JHK offer flexibility in design, manufacture and pricing.



JHK was established in 2001 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since then its global clients have purchased and appreciated quality products at competitive prices, designed in the UK, manufactured and delivered to their operations direct from China.


Over 1 million JHK protectors have been installed around the world, with 100% success rate.


JHK has supported completions across the globe since 2001. The company continues to develop products in order to support new projects and technologies worldwide.

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